EBRD: “Albania needs 1.2 billion EUR of infrastructure investments a year. Government gives only half”

23/11/2017 21:10

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Investments calculates that Albania needs 6 billion EUR of investments for the next year, to build an infrastructure similar to that of developed countries.

EBRD says that Albania needs to invest 1.2 billion EUR each year, or 11% of the GDP, to close the gap with developed nations.

In 2018, Albania decided to invest 655 million EUR, or twice less than EBRD, which means that Albania will have a 3 billion EUR deficit.

But where should Albania find these investments? According to EBRD, half of that figure, 600 million EUR a year, must go for the energy sector, for modernizing the distribution sector and for creating new energy sources.

450 million EUR a year is needed for building roads, and the rest should go for investments, aqueducts and for the IT and communication sector.

Not having enough budgets for such big investments, the government has started a 1 Billion EUR project, through which they plan to build the public projects through PPP.

The program has turned into a hot political debate, since the opposition has asked an immediate interruption, considering it a money laundering instrument.

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