Earthquake victims receive new home in Kashar

24/01/2020 18:33

The Sula family, whose house was damaged by the earthquake, will now be able to live in better conditions than before.

The Albanian Prime Minister and Tirana Mayor, Erion Veliaj, gave the key to the mother of the family, who thanked the state institutions for the reconstruction.

Mayor Veliaj said that they used the highest standards of construction to build this house in record time, and he assured that the same quality would be followed for other homes as well.

PM Rama announced that the new houses will be anti-seismic and ecological and that today there was also an important meeting with a group of foreign experts to discuss the reconstruction phase for houses damaged by the earthquake.

“We started this day by meeting a group of foreign reconstruction experts and we saw some new building models, with new anti-seismic technologies”, Rama said.

The PM assured that such comfortable conditions would be met for all families who lost their homes in earthquake devastation.

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