Dutch company takes eco-friendly management of Tirana’s urban waste

28/08/2017 00:00

The collecting and processing of waste materials in Tirana will be given
in concession to a Dutch company for the next 30 years.

The decision was declared by the Ministry of Environment on the official website of the Procurement Agency.

The “Integrated Energy” company will invest 128.2 million EUR from its own funds to modernize treating of wastes in the entire Tirana District.

This money will fund the building of three landfills, one for urban waste, one for inert materials and another one for disposing and processing dangerous waste.

The concession foresees the building of an incinerator, a water-treatment implant and another one that will produce energy for wastes.

In exchange, the Dutch company will be paid by the municipality 29 EUR for each ton of processed waste. Sources from the Ministry of Environment say the concession will install high-end appliances for processing the waste.

This concession will resolve the problem of waste for Tirana, and the entire process is environment-friendly.

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