DP’s Spahia: Rama lies about country’s coronavirus tests capabilities

08/04/2020 18:37

Through a statement, Bardh Spahia of the Democratic Party said that Prime Minister Edi Rama lied when he stated that Albania can perform 2,000 tests a day, and added that the low number of tests hides the reality of the spread of the virus in the country.

After playing the video where Rama gave the alleged coronavirus tests capacities, Spahia among other things stated:

“Albania had few kits to test more suspects because the government acted too late to secure them, despite DP’s early calls. In an attempt to cover up the failure to supply enough kits for tests, Edi Rama kept their quantity secret and when he was forced to speak, he lied.

“His statement that we are able to do 2,000 tests a day was contradicted by the Minister of Health and by Edi Rama’s own Committee of Experts.

“The truth is that insufficient number of tests has forced us to have an average of 50 tests a day until last week, thus minimizing the chances of discovering new cases or centres of infection. Edi Rama’s lies are dangerous. A small number of tests hides the real spread of the virus. The fewer the tests, the less likely we are to isolate the virus and break the chain of its spread.

“Wishing that the new supply of test kits arrives as soon as possible and thanking our partners for the great help they are giving us, the Democratic Party calls on the government to increase the number of tests among citizens. This is how we will know the real extent of the damage caused, unhindered by the Prime Minister’s lies”.

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