DP, Shehaj: Orikum-Dukat highway should have cost €8m, not €70m, discrepancies are abuse of funds

12/02/2020 17:54

Former Vlora Democratic Party MP Agron Shehaj, stated that the EBRD road construction project has revealed the staggering costs of the Orikum-Dukat highway concession granted by the Albanian government.

The day before, the EBRD approved a 45m-euro fund for the construction of 70 kilometers of roads in Albania, including the Vlora-Orikum segment.
“It’s about the same highway. The first Vlora-Orikum road segment will be constructed by the EBRD at a cost of 600,000 euro per kilometer. The second segment from Orikum will be constructed by Albanian government concession, at a cost of 5 million euros per kilometer”, stated former  MP, Shehaj.

The highway Vlora-Dukat is divided into two construction segments. The Vlora-Orikum segment it will be built by the EBRD, while from Orikum to Dukat section is a concession given to the Albanian construction company “Gjikuria”.

According to the former Democratic lawmaker, the cost differences are tremendous.

“If the second segment were to be built with the same cost as the first, the whole work would not cost more than 10 million euros. This is certainly not related to incompetence, as it is not that the government does not know how much costs the construction of a kilometer of road. This is corruption and is obvious. It is clear that this money goes into the pockets of the governors”, he added.

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