DP leader insists on his 5-point-proposition to save Durres earthquake affected businesses

09/12/2019 19:54

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, reminded once again his 5-point-proposition, as regards the recovery of businesses that suffered damages by the earthquake in Durres and other areas.

“The November 26th earthquake has caused huge damage to the economy of Durres and other areas. Thousands of jobs, small businesses and manufacturers are under pressure. The tourism industry and hotels are facing a lower consumption, and they fear that there will be fewer bookings during the tourist season as well”, Basha wrote.

He added that the avoid an economic winter to Durres, which would have severe social consequences, such as lower salaries and bankruptcies, the government must follow his realistic and simple package of propositions: 1) cancelling property tax and all local taxes and fees for the recovery period; 2) Excluding from income tax all subjects that are reinvesting to recover from the damage 3) Suspending payment of social and health insurance for the period of recovery 4) excluding from VAT all materials that are used to recovery 5) suspending all water and electricity bills during this period.

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