DP leader charged with falsification and money laundering: They have no evidence, they just want distraction

19/06/2019 16:07

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, was at the Prosecution today where he heard the charges for what is being called the “Russian Funds” case.

Basha said that he was called to the Prosecution so that the government can shift the attention away from its scandals that were published by Bild.

Basha said that the Prosecution has no evidence or fact about his involvement with the lobbying agreements.

Basha is charged with falsifying documents and money laundering.

A news article from Mother Jones showed some months ago that Muzin Capitol Partners, a US lobbying company, had declared that they had received 675.000 USD as payment for work done in favor of the Democratic Party.

But the Democratic Party has confirmed and declared only 25.000 USD. The others remain unclear. Mother Jones showed that the payments were made through shell companies that originated from Russian owners.

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