DP leader Basha: “Report of technical ministers showed elections were manipulated”

18/08/2017 11:05

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, said that the report of the
technical Ministers is the last evidence proving the elections were

Basha writes that “the report completes the panorama of reporting the election manipulation by any public and local factor. The report shows that any instrument possible was used to buy votes. They bought votes with money and with favors. They threatened voters with physical violence, psychologic and economic pressure. The administration was involved and public resources were used. The technical Ministers were sabotaged, were left without funds and without resources. The Directors refused to cooperate and didn’t obey to the instructions received. The respective institutions were not engaged at all. This happened due to a total lack of political will from Edi Rama, who didn’t take responsibility for his obligations towards Albanians and the international community. The elections were manipulated and violated by Edi Rama and his machinery, helped by crime, drug traffic and corruption”, Basha said.

“The Parliament that will come from these elections does not reflect the free will of voters. Their massive vote purchase and vote sale are today the undertakers of the fragile Albanain democracy. The Democratic Party respected the freedom and will and citizens and was not involved in any effort to manipulate the elections. We held a campaign focused on the aspirations and needs of our people. The DP gave an important contribution to democracy”, Basha said, promising that his party is determined to fulfill these vital goals for the future of the country.

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