Double homicide shocks town community in northern Albania

26/02/2020 19:39

A double homicide has shaken the small town of Rreshen on Tuesday evening, as brother and sister, Esmeralda and Vladison Filopati were killed in the front yard of their home in Koder Rreshen, in a crime committed by Esmeralda’s former partner, Fatmir Koleci.

Esmeralda and Vladison were returning from the town of Rreshen, where Esmeralda worked in a market and her brother had picked her up from work.
The author of the serious crime, Fatmir Koleci, was waiting for his ex-wife and her brother and shot them with a Kalashnikov rifle, leaving them dead on the spot. He is still on the run since.

Koleci was separated since three years from the wife, with whom he has three children, three daughters.

He was previously sentenced to 1 year and three months in prison, but only served 10 months for illegal firearms possession and violence against his former wife Esmeralda. The latter also had a police protection order against Koleci.

In another major incident of domestic violence, 63-year-old Ruzhdi Tosuni killed his 59-year-old wife, Hajdie, mother of three, with an iron lever in Durres today. The event took place at the family’s clothing store, near the Durres Sports Palace.

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