Doctors cite climate and immunity as reasons for absence of Covid-19 virus in Albania

05/03/2020 19:06

There are still no confirmed case of the news coronavirus in Albania as Health authorities say they have tested 50 suspected cases.

But what is happening to Albania, at a time when 18,000 travelers come here every day from neighboring Italy, which has become the epidemic hotbed of all Europe?

Some explanations speak of good, warm climatic conditions and a stronger immunity as new organisms emerge. But in fact our entire region has not been affected as both Greece and Macedonia have no community outbreaks but only imported cases. Nor were affected by Covid-19 neighboring Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia.

In Albania there is a suspicion that the virus is not caught because we test very few cases. A total of 50 cases have been tested, while only those coming from the affected countries and showing symptoms at our border crossings are tested.

The Ministry of Health rejects suspicions that few cases are tested in the laboratory due to the lack of testing kits, saying there are enough kits for every possible scenario. /Alma Demiraj/

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