Divorced 35 year old mother of two killed in Pogradec

29/06/2011 12:30

A divorced 35 year old mother of two children was found dead this morning at a hotel in Pogradec.

The victim Mirela Spahiu died after being hit with hard objects. The body was found this morning by the room cleaner, who notified the police. Investigators were able to immediately identify the author, a 60 year old from Geshtenjas village. His name is Halim Hykollari and the Police was able to stop him some hours after the murder. The author of the crime had left the room and went to his house in Geshtenjas.
Preliminary investigations show that the victim and the killer were having an intimate relationship, and one night before the murder they were staying at the same hotel. A fight that exploded during the night has ended with the execution of the 35 year old woman.

Police was able to verify that the woman was hit with a hammer and the death was caused after she had banged her head to a bed corner. After seeing that the woman was dead, the author had left the hotel. Investigations suggest that the motive of the crime was jealousy.

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