Did Tahiri meet the Habilaj? Prosecutors interrogate second driver of former Minister

12/01/2018 17:31

Alban Aliaj, former national guard officer and second driver of the former Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, was summoned by the Prosecutors who are investigating the Tahiri-Habilaj case. Aliaj’s name came after an observation at the TIMS system.

Prosecutors are interrogating the second driver of former Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri.

The Prosecution has not interrogated Tahiri yet, but they are verifying the data about a meeting between the Minister and Artan Habilaj, the brother of Moisi Habilaj, arrested for drug traffic. They may have met in 2014, in Greece.

On August 2014, Alban Aliaj went to Greece with an official vehicle. At the same time, Artan Habilaj has travelled to Greece with the Audi AA 003 GB.

Aliaj has admitted that Artan Habilaj has travelled to Greece two days after Tahiri was on holidays with his wife.

After the meeting, Habilaj’s Audi stayed in Greece, while Habilaj himself returned to Tirana with the former driver of Tahiri.

Tahiri, on the other hand, has insisted that the Audi was sold since 2013 and that he didn’t have contacts with the Habilaj.

The event for which Prosecutors obtained a testimony from the driver, has taken place in 2014. Sources cannot confirm what this testimony was for, while Prosecutors have not decided yet when they will interrogate the Minister.

Despite the high number of people being interrogated, the Prosecution lost the first battle, that of banning Tahiri from travelling abroad. They also lost the request for leaving Orest Sota in prison, the businessman who was found with 860,000 EUR in his car and the boat driving licenses of the former Interior Minister.

The Prosecution can still challenge these verdicts at the Supreme Court, although they haven’t done that yet.

On the other hand, another case has been attached to that of Habilaj. It is the case of Dritan Zagani, a former police officer who is in an asylum, abroad, and who was the first one to denounce the connections of the Habilaj with the former Minister.

Artan Habilaj, who is mentioned in the testimony of the former driver of Minister Tahiri and Florion Habilaj, has not been arrested yet, although there are suspicions that he is hiding in Vlora villages.

The brother of Artan, Moisi Habilaj, is a suspect. There are other suspects in Catania, Italy, where they are being investigated for international drug traffic.

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