DemocraticParty leader LulzimBasha: “Our battle brought down half of the government”

18/05/2017 00:00

After the majority and opposition announced that they reached an agreement, Lulzim Basha held a speech at the protest tent:

“90 days ago you started an epic, civil, democratic, peaceful and European trip. This battle was crowned not with the government coming down, but with half of it, and with guarantees that the elections will be free and fair”.

Basha told his supporters at the tent that the battle will continue with the new electoral campaign.

“Our battle will not end here. This is just the beginning. After one week we are going to start our march towards victory. The new republic is the reality that will come to life through our will, and the vote of the Albanian citizens on June 25th”, he said.

“The old republic made way to the new one through an institutional way. This is the significance for the commitment and constitutional reform, a commitment that is the white flag of the old republic in front of our determination”, Basha said.

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