Dell against Pacolli

22/04/2011 20:30

Mr. Pacolli’s public declarations that the Kosovo President name,
Atifete Jahjaga, came out an envelope of the US ambassador, Christopher
Dell, now has received an answer.

Christopher Dell, one of the main characters in the talks that produced a political agreement between Kosovo leaders, rejected what Mr. Pacolli declared, by saying that the name of the President came out of discussion, and not out of an envelope.

The American ambassador made these comments during some activities for the Earth Day.

“The Head of the Pristina Government, Prime Minister Thaçi, has discussed about many things with Mr. Behgjet Pacolli, but the name of Atifete Jahjaga is what kept the three of them on the same line. This name has not been imposed”, Dell declared.

But who proposed Atifete Jahjaga as president of the Kosovo Republic?

“They have discussed for the name, and this name came out of the Kosovo leaders’ discussion”, said Christopher Dell, US ambassador in Kosovo.

Some days ago, the leader of the Democratic League for Kosovo, Isa Mustafa, denied the declarations of Mr. Behgjet Pacolli.
Based on the declaration of the US ambassador, the truth about the Presidential elections has come as a result of the compromise between Mr. Pacolli, Mr. Mustafa and Mr. Thaçi.

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