Debate for OSCE-ODIHR report

17/08/2011 15:25

Same as in previous elections, the OSCE-ODIHR report is being interpreted in different ways by the Albanian political forces.

30 minutes
after the report was published on ODIHR’s online page, the Prime
Minister’s office organized a press release with great urgency.
After giving a quick look to the report, or maybe they had prior
information for the context of the report, Mr. Berisha appeared in front
of the cameras. Only two words, “competitive” and “transparent” were
the basis of Berisha’s declaration, while accused by the opposition that he
stole Tirana’s mandate on the tables of the Central Election Commission.

“The report, clearly considers May 8th elections as competitive, transparent and as the elections that lay the groundwork for future progress”, Berisha declared.

Different to the sudden appearance of Mr. Berisha, the opposition leader Edi Rama preferred not to address to the cameras for his comment about the report. The first comments for the report were given by Socialist MP Sajmir Tahiri.

“OSCE ODIHR failed Berisha. The report is the certification of the spectacular failure of this government for giving the citizens fair and free elections, in full accordance with the minimal democratic standards that are acceptable by the civilized world. The report says that the result for Tirana is not based on law, but on controversial decisions taken by the Central Election Commission and the Electoral College, not based on law and politically motivated. The fake smile of our Prime Minister yesterday was completely unjustifiable. He rushed to put the next imaginary medal on his chest, same as he  tries to lie to the Albanians about economic increase and reforms that remain as such only inside Berisha’s head”, Tahiri declared.

Rama did not rush to comment the report, although it seemed in his favor. In a carefully written long letter Rama analyzes the report by announcing the new political action of the opposition.

The letter was sent to the Albanian written media:

“The report of OSCE-ODIHR has never been as clear and as straightforward.”

This is how Edi Rama’s letter starts, according to whom the report objectively noted the problems that were seen during the process and concluded with an nonexistent progress and lack of manipulation evidence.

For Mr. Rama, the report lashed the Central Election Commission and the Electoral College, and no elections can be held any more in Albania with this Electoral Code. Same as the elections cannot be held with these voters lists, which leave the emigrants’ vote to the government for using it to their convenience.

“We are not the only ones saying this, as a highly damaged opposition by the brutal action of these institutions, but the international referee”, Rama writes.

Through this letter, Rama insinuates that he understands those who during all this time have cried out the need of a much more aggressive opposition. But Rama declares that: “I have no regret for the peaceful approach to this process, for following a legal way until the end, in order to not incite violence even when a bunch of malefactors, covered with judges suit, sealed with a court decision the violent theft of Tirana Municipality. Same as I have no doubt for the necessity of implementing our new political course, our parliamentary battle for reforming the Electoral Code based on the statements and recommendations of ODIHR, in order to create more connective ways and intensify the communication with the citizens for discussing the biggest issues of our country, and the need for giving the Albanians a new governing alternative”.

Although the report has been differently interpreted by all parties, one thing remains sure. The ones who wrote it apparently have found it very difficult to mention the word “standard” in the 36 pages.

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