Croatian Prime Minister in Kosovo

15/08/2011 15:05

Croatian Prime Minister, Jadranka Kosor reawakened the sentiment of “conspiracy victim” among Serbs.

The announcement of her visit in Prishtina on August 24th made Serbian media and politicians to see this as a message for Serbia, but also as a need for strengthening the softened stance against Serbia.

Serbian media is publishing everyday several facts regarding her visit and quotations from Croatian media. They say that the purpose is peaceful, since she is facing elections in her country, aiming to attract more right wing electors.

The Serbian problem with the visits of other regional leaders in Kosovo has not changed, despite independence recognition. For the Serbs, these visits should not happen. However, there is another theory that Croatia wants to take over Kosovo’s market after the embargo with Serbia.

The cabinet of Kosor declared that the government will support and promote the policy of peace and stability, respecting the minorities and Kosovo’s territorial integrity. But Croatian media also say that the relations with Kosovo are a blow against Serbia.

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