Crime assets seizure; New Albanian police operation targets well-knows figures of the underworld

04/02/2020 17:41

The so called Force of Law Operation (OFL) by the Albanian police, landed in Shkodra on Tuesday, to proceed with the next phase of investigation on the origin of suspected crime profits.

They did not give detail of the entities it’s targeted in Shkodra. Earlier the new structure submitted requests for the declaration of sources of property to two subjects, the notorious underworld figures of Lulzim Berisha and Ardian Çapjas, from Durresi and Elbasan respectively.

According to police, Lulzim Berisha is the leader of a criminal group and the author of several criminal offenses, sentenced to life imprisonment in 2012 by the Serious Crimes Court, released on bail by the Court of Appeal Durrës four years later.

Ardjan Çapja was arrested for attempted murder of a police officer and is also suspected that assisted by relatives, committed several paid for killings as an assassin from 2009 to 2016. Both these individuals with criminal records, have two days time to answer the questions of this structure about justifying their wealth.

The police stated that the replies received will be sent to SPAK (the special prosecution anti-crime structure) which in turn must evaluate within 15 days the file prepared by the OFL and decide whether to request to the Special Court the seizure measure for the subjects’ assets.

On Monday, Operation Rule of Law seized the Golden Complex and a fuel-station owned by Altin Hajri, wanted in connection with the abduction and murder of Jan Prenga, whose body is not yet found.

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