Covid-19 victim buried under strict security measures; Wife only present at funeral

23/03/2020 14:45

Strict security measures were taken today for the burial of yesterday’s coronavirus epidemic 71-year-old victim.

The 71-year-old native of Kuçova was transported from Shefqet Ndroqi Hospital to Infectious Disease 7 days ago but succumbed to the illness.

The deceased was suffering from several associated diseases: lung cancer, diabetes mellitus, arterial fibrillation and hypertension. He was buried without the presence of any family members other than his wife, who in turn has been quarantined at her home in Kuçova since 10 days from the day she found out that her husband had coronavirus.

Numerous police forces were present at the funeral to verify compliance with security measures while the victim was buried. The body was taken from the Tirana Hospital, directly to the city cemetery.

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