Covid-19/ Retired gynecologist assists birth of baby in Peqin

26/03/2020 16:34

Yesterday evening a baby came to life in Peqin, assisted by doctor Burbuqe Ajazi who due to the situation of Covid-19 pandemic has returned to work even though beyond the retirement age.

The news was announced by the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, who in a Facebook post wrote:

“Gynecologist Burbuqe Ajazi, who has come back to work from retirement, continues to serve with great professionalism and dedication at the Peqin Hospital, turning into an extraordinary example of inspiration for the younger generation of doctors and nurses.

“Although a difficult period for all Albanian health system due to the pandemic, the honorable doctor came to work yesterday evening, and together with the wonderful staff of doctors of Peqin, has assisted in the birth of a healthy baby. Very nice! In this difficult situation we all need such good news!”, wrote Meta

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