Compensation pays Parliament Speaker twice

16/08/2011 12:30

The Agency for Property Return and Compensation has financed for the second
time in six years the family of the Parliament Speaker, Jozefina

This agency announced yesterday the 107 persons who would benefit land compensations for 2011, and among them are the heirs of the Gjon Çoba family, part of which is the Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli (Çoba). The head of this agency, Elvis Çefa, declared that the 107 names list includes only subjects who haven’t benefited before from this compensation process. But the family of the Parliament Speaker has benefited in 2005, when the State Commission of Property Return and Compensation cast lots.

The land that was compensated in a monetary value included 200 square meters of land in Tirana. But, according to “Shqip”, this decision is being implemented in Shkoder. The governmental decision no.192, dated 3 August 2011 “For setting the rules and the criteria for the distribution of the compensation fund for 2011” says that in this process are not included the subjects that have benefited in the past.

“The decision that is being implemented has never been treated with compensation. For the decisions that are partially changed due to the classification, the agency will take the earliest date and number of the decision and will make a chronological ranking for the acceptance, return and compensation of that property”, says clause 1/c of this decision.

During a press conference, the head of the AKKP declared that after reviewing 1012 requests, the result was that there are 107 subjects, ranked by chronological order of the dispossession, starting from the oldest decision. The latest decision from this fund is dated 23 September 1994”. But the list shows that there is a former owner who is benefiting twice. This citizen is Jak Zanga, who has two properties with decision number 660 and 665.

“The subjects who have applied for taking the compensation in cash, with decisions dating before September 1994 and do not result as winners, have been disqualified because: 1 – They have received a prior compensation “physical or financial”. 2 – They have had essential mapping problems in their decisions, which have made the agency unable to identify the property and compensate it. 3 – There have been missing basic documentation such as inheritance certifications, procures etc. without which the agency could not conclude the procedure”, Çefa declared.

There are 107 subjects that will benefit a fund of 670 million ALL, offered by the government. The subjects, according to this list, will have the money on the bank accounts that they have sent to the Agency of Property Return and Compensation after 18 August 2011.

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