Common flu spreading fast in Albania, country is ‘red-marked’ on the Europe epidemic map

13/02/2020 17:47

Albania ranks among the countries with the highest prevalence of influenza viruses in Europe as it appears “red” on the European epidemic map, along with three other countries, neighboring Greece, Slovenia and Luxembourg.

Albanian health agencies have reported that the virus A and its two subtypes Ah1N1 and Ah3N2, and the virus B are circulating at high intensity, so much so that as experts estimate there is a flu epidemic situation. In one week, 25,000 people are reported to have been affected by respiratory infections.

But unlike Greece, where 38 people are reported to have died, authorities in Albania report only two deaths, two women over 60 who were chronically ill and also affected by the flu virus.

In the first week of February there were 139 cases of extremely severe acute respiratory illness. But the number of people affected by the flu can be higher, as not everyone required the medics assistance when they have the flu.

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