Christmas tree lighted up on Tirana’s new Skanderbeg Square

06/12/2017 19:25

Tirana lighted up the Christmas tree today, officially marking the winter holidays.

The Mayor of Tirana pushed the lighting button under the music played by the Municipality’s band, and the chorus of the Artistic Lyceum.

Veliaj said that holidays are a great moment for the city, and that there will be a series of activities during this month to help people in need.

Veliaj appealed citizens to stay close to those who need support: “The Municipality can do some things, but not everything. If someone is in need, if someone feels sick, if someone is very old or disabled, I would appeal each of you to help. If every single of us finds a person, a family and a cause to help during the holiday season, I believe that the capital of Albania will close this year as the most generous city in Albania, which will make us start 2018 successfully”, Veliaj said, thanking everyone who has worked to make Tirana better looking during these days of celebrations.

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