Cheap imported meat products forcing local farmers go bankrupt

09/01/2020 21:22

The countries of the region are enlarging their map of food products that they import to Albania.

Bulgaria and Romania are forcing Albanian farmers to go bankrupt since their meat products are almost 50 ALL cheaper than the local meat.

“There is no market. We cannot compete with Bulgarian meat. We can’t sell our lambs to the market”, a farmer says.

“Buyers prefer foreign meat due to the price. It costs 250 ALL. Our meat costs 300. We pay our market fees and we go back home with our product unsold”, another one said.

According to farmers, services required by their cattle are expensive and this makes factories that collect meat and milk to buy it from foreign farmers.

“I have 50 sheep and goats that aren’t registered because they want 200 ALL per each of them. I can’t afford the registration, the expired medicaments, the rented land, etc”, one farmer said.

“I had 300 sheep and I was forced to destroy my cattle. The price of sheep milk was 80 ALL. I went bankrupt”, says another.

The lack of proper documentation in meat shops is also making consumers be defrauded.

If a meat market says that they are selling fresh local meat, chances are it’s a Bulgarian or Romanian import.

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