Changes needed for Secret Service Law

06/11/2019 14:42

The Parliamentary Committees on Security and Defense from Southeast Europe are holding their annual meeting in Tirana.

The meeting focused on the increased dangers of cybercrime, including the monitoring of electronic communication for defense and security.

While security dangers keep growing, Alban Elezi, a former vice leader at the Army Intelligence Service, now MP and member of the Security Commission, said in an interview for Top Channel that the legislations in Albania need to change.

The Intelligence Laws in Albania, passed in 1998, have only been amended in 1999 and 2005, and the current law doesn’t respond to the actuality.

The Parliamentary Commission of Intelligence Services, according to Alban Zeneli, is not being applied normally.

“The implementation is lacking and the law misses very important points. There is a special law which specifies that there is a parliamentary security subcommittee, led by the opposition, which has never been used for exerting parliamentary inspection on the Secret Service”, Zeneli declared.

Top Channel