CEZ alleged intermediator who withdrew 7 mln EUR did not appear to testify

10/01/2017 00:00

Kosovo citizen Ndue Kalaj, suspected of intermediating the Berisha
government with CEZ, for the privatization of the energy distribution system in 2009, did not appear
in front of the Parliamentary Investigation Commission.

The Chairman of the Commission, Taulant Balla, said that he should be brought by the police with force, since he has withdrawn 7 million EUR that CEZ had paid to him, a few days before the elections of 2009.

“These payments made by CEZ could have served as bribes for officials of that time”, Balla declared during the meeting.

The name of Nue Kalaj was mentioned for the first time on Top Channel’s “Exclusive”, by the legal expert of the OSHEE, Romeo Kara, who is working with the Court of Arbitration trials.

The latter has administered thousands of privatization documents. According to him, the decision for the process was already taken before it was officially announced, and there are traces of documents that tie Nue Kalaj with the former government leaders.

“The material I own shows a picture taken with former Minsiter Ruli. Kalaj has spoken with PM Berisha during 2006 at least 100 times. This needs to be confirmed”, Kara said.

Summoned to testify are the leaders of the bank that made the 7 million EUR transaction, which Kalaj withdrew within one single day.

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