Butler: Election result, concerning

24/05/2011 15:00

EU Commission is waiting the result of the election process in Albania.
Asked if the European Commission will recognize the final result for
Tirana mayoral race, Spokesperson of Commissioner Fule, Natasha Butler,
explained that the legal accuracy of Central Election Commission will be
taken under consideration.

“First of all, regarding your question if EC will recognize the election result in Albania… Certainly, we observed carefully what CEC announced for Tirana mayoral race. But we also observed the legal logic of Central Election Commission for miscast votes. This issue is concerning. The election process is not over yet”, said Natasha Butler, spokesperson of European Commission for Enlargement.

The election process is considered unfinished, because, as Butler explained, it is also important to observe the way CEC will treat complaints.

“We will continue to follow closely the appeal procedures and the announcement of the final result, together with the final report of OSCE observers. Certainly, we expect that the process of treating complaints will proceed independently. This is the appeal that we have done to the Central Election Commission, which must behave as an independent and key institution. We expect this process to be performed in full accordance with Albanian laws. It is important to have consensual solutions especially for issues that are not covered by the Election Code, which leaves space to different interpretations. On this point of view, we appeal political leaders to find a solution for this issue. The country’s interests and EU integration must come before partial interests”, Butler said.

When asked if Albania fulfilled international standards with these elections, EU commission said “no”.

“This is a very important question, because, as you know, this was one of last year’s 12 EU recommendations presented at the EU Opinion for Albania. First of all, I must say that we do not have a final result for the local elections yet. We are waiting the final OSCE report. Based on the preliminary and intermediate reports, we saw positive elements on one hand, because the Election Day was calm and voting process went through without problems, except some small incidents that we have noted. But on the other hand, the events that took place after the Election Day, especially the post-election period, do not fulfill the standards that are internationally known for democratic elections. This is a regrettable truth, because, as I said, election standards are key priority for Albania’s EU integration”, Butler declared.

From this electoral process, the Commission congratulated only the Albanian citizens for the high participation and the calm voting process held on the Election Day.

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