Bushati on Stabilization-Association: “Albania, third country with two stances”

12/02/2018 19:25

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, said that Albania could become the third country that has two stances, two different reports in the negotiations with the international partners.

“When we were at school, professors would tell us that there are always two countries that come up with two different reports (referring to Greece and Macedonia). Today we risk becoming the third country that comes up with two different reports of the actuality, due to specific interests”, Bushati declared.

As for the drug cultivation matter, Bushati underlined that important steps have been taken for preventing this phenomenon, which was proven by local and international reports.

“We are the only country in Balkan with its airspace being monitored by another country. We are cooperating with Italy’s Guardia di Finanza to monitor the entire territory and to fight the cannabis cultivation. In 2017 we had impressive results in the fight against cultivation and traffic of cannabis, and this is clear by the local and international reports”, Bushati said.

The Foreign Minister spoke about the Tahiri case as well: “My stance, same as that of the majority, is that we encourage and support the Prosecution to prove its accusations in court, for Tahiri and for anyone else”, Bushati declared.

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