Bulqizë, strike continues

16/08/2011 15:55

The hunger strike of Bulqize mineworkers marked its 24th day today.
After so many days underground, some of the strikers were replaced by
others. While former Rubik mineworkers offered their solidarity to
Bulqize chrome miners.

The leaders of the syndication for the Rubik mines declared that they will participate in the hunger strike for supporting the Bulqize mineworkers.

The other miners visit everyday the galleries, waiting for a solution. The syndication leaders are leading again the mineworkers’ protest.

The syndications and the concessionary ACR Company are not agreeing for any of the demands. The Austrian company replied to the first request of the mineworkers by fulfilling the requests and on the same day the syndication changed and doubled its requests. Due to this disagreement, the strike is still going on while dozens of other miners are still underground, risking their lives by the galleries that have not had maintenance for more than one month with increased possibilities of a collapse.

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