Budget, May confirms crisis with encashment

15/06/2011 08:10

For the Albanian government it is becoming more difficult to keep the
budget balance, because recent data confirmed its failure in managing
the revenues and expenses.

The Ministry of Finances released the preliminary report on the encashment financial situation. During May, total revenues, compared to one year ago, were increased with 2 billion ALL. The revenues from Tax and Customs have an increase of 4 billion ALL, always compared to the first five months of 2010. The total increase is 3%.

If we calculate it by including inflation, which during May was 4.2%, the difference is no more positive. This means that we are in the same encashment level as one year before, without any improvements in tax management, while the government had predicted a very high increase.

Regarding the realization of revenues, compared to this year’s plan, “Shqip” newspaper says that the ministry has given no data, because the indicators are showing loses.

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