Brother-in-law of fraudulent Indian businessmen arrested as he attempted to leave Albania

22/03/2019 20:33

Indian media write that the Albanian police arrested Hiteshkumar Patel, the brother in law of the two Indian businessmen who are wanted for defrauding $725 mln in their country.

The 59-year-old Indian-born man, resident of Nigeria, was caught as he tried to leave Albania through the Rinas Airport. Sources from the Albanian police confirm the arrest, while a second Indian citizen has been able to leave the country.

“Times of India” newspaper notes that the Albanian authorities are working with Interpol to complete the extradition procedures for Patel.

Hiteshkumar Patel is the brother of Cetan Sandesaras. Patel has been one of the highest leaders of the Sterling Biotech company, and Indian media put him as the architect of the giant fraud.

The Sandesara brothers have received 725 million USD of loans from Indian state banks, money that they disappeared through 300 offshore companies.



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