British Embassy to Tirana reacts after Top Channel’s “Fiks Fare” reports human traffic

13/09/2017 00:00

After Top Channel’s Investigative Program “Fiks Fare” reported a wide
group of traffickers sending clandestine immigrants toward the United
Kingdom, the British Embassy to Tirana reacted with a message.

Fiks Fare journalists proved how traffickers would take clandestine to Britain for 9000 to 11.000 Euros per person.

The British Embassy wrote: “We have been aware of the existence of criminal gangs helping illegal immigration to the Great Britain. Great Britan has increased the level of processed information exchange with European and international partners, to dismantle human traffic gangs. For this reason, the Task Force for Immigration Organized Crime was established and operates in 17 countries”, the reaction says.

Journalists found traffickers through social networks, phone calls and then the meetings, which were held in Vlora.

Traffickers told journalists how they traveled from Albania to Belgium by bus, then to Great Britain through trucks or yachts. They talked about dozens of bookings from all over Albania.

According to traffickers, males were easier to be delivered. Women and children represented more difficulties, which was translated in a higher price.

The British Embassy adds: “Many innocent lives are taken each year because people trust criminals whose only purpose is the money they profit. They rarely take in consideration the safety of the persons who travel. We understand how some people find themselves in a hopeless situation, however, their life should never be endangered by such travels”, the British Embassy communication says.

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