British Audrey Glover will lead ODIHR’s mission to Albania

13/05/2019 18:39

The opposition is preparing the next protest, insisting that they will not participate in the elections of June 30th as long as Edi Rama is Prime Minister. On the other hand, the international partners are preparing to monitor these elections very closely.

A diplomatic source from the ODIHR offices in Poland told Top Channel’s journalist Muhamed Veliu that the long-term mission for monitoring the local elections of June 30th will be led by the Audrey Frances Glover, from the United Kingdom, a name that is not new for the Albanian elections. She has led the monitoring team in 1996 (when her findings were strongly opposed by the government of the Democratic Party) and in 2009, when the Democratic Party, again in parliament, tried to stop her from leading the monitoring team. Glover came back in 2015, together with 250 international observers. 2019 will make her fourth time here.

Katya Andrus, spokesperson of the OSCE and ODIHR said for Top Channel that ODIHR will have 18 long-term observers and 250-short term.


Top Channel