Bode: New Customs Code, with votes from opposition

15/06/2011 08:40

Austrian and Polish experts, who helped with the modernization of the
Albanian Customs System, part of a twinning 2 million EUR project
financed by EU, sent their proposition for the new Customs Code for

The new code comes as result of a detailed legal analyze of the Albanian and EU legislations, with the purpose of simplifying customs procedures for Albanian and foreign merchants. Present in this event was Albanian Minister of Finances Ridvan Bode, who said that the approval of the new Custom Code requires the votes of the opposition.

During the ceremony, the head of EU Delegation in Albania, Ambassador Ettore Sequi, emphasized that it is the harmony of customs procedures what makes the success of EU Inner Market, after creating a business climate characterized by the ability of predicting and by credibility.

He noted that the harmonized customs procedures could be compared with people’s free movement, in terms of the concrete impacts that these policies have had for the citizens. The project will continue until January 2012 and will be implemented by the Austrian Customs Administration with the support of Polish Customs Service.

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