Berisha: We will not raise taxes

29/06/2011 15:00

Starting from this July, the government will raise wages and pensions,
as promised. This was confirmed by Prime Minister Berisha in the
government meeting.

“The key word of this meeting will be wage and pension increase. After reviewing the budget problematics, we decided to raise wages and pensions, as promised. As an indispensable policy and as a great investment in human resources, this decision will ease the life of 520,000 Albanian pensioners who deserve as much as possible”, Berisha declared.

Although the Prime Minister did not mention it, the raise will be 5-6% for wages, 4% for Pensions in the city and 7% for pensions in villages. The Prime Minister admitted that IMF gave a friendly advice to postpone this policy and to increase the flat tax with 50%, but there was no agreement. The only agreement with IMF, according to the Prime Minister, is the one for not increasing the debt, which the government is committed to respect.

“The agreement of the International Monetary Fund is not damaged, but we are strictly implementing it. We have never declared that we would not raise wages”, Berisha declared.

The Prime Minister declared that pension and wage increase is an absolute priority, while keeping low taxes for business is a strong promotion for economic development.

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