Berisha seeks Israel’s support

22/11/2011 00:00

The Albanian PM, Sali Berisha, opened the diplomatic cards during his
visit in Jerusalem and left no space for doubts about Albania’s favoring
position towards the Israeli policy regarding the Palestinian

Invited as guest of honor at the Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Berisha showed with enthusiasm his admiration for the Jewish people and the historical good relations with the Albanian people. With the same enthusiasm, Berisha supported the policy that Israel has followed for achieving a peace agreement with Palestine.

From the political point of view, Albania has a modest voice in the international arena, but the support of Israel’s diplomatic initiatives, such as the recent action in New York for impeding the Palestinian Authority’s request for being recognized as a UN member country, is a step that was valued by Israel.

This was also shown in Berisha’s speech at the Council of Foreign Affairs, when he considered the Palestinian initiative as counter-productive in terms of reaching peace.

“We cannot support the request of the Palestinian authorities for UN Membership, because we believe that shortcuts do not help in this process, and that the solution should include the complete safety of both nations”, Berisha declared.

During his speech, Berisha made strong declarations against Iran, the country that is allegedly preparing nuclear weapons. Same as Israel, Albania supports all sanctions against Iran.

“We obviously believe that the UN Security Council should decide the steps and measures that prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, so that it doesn’t turn into a great threat for the entire region and certainly for Israel, a country that they have declared of wanting to wipe out as a nation, due to racism and psychological hate”, Berisha declared.

With these open positions, Berisha aims to turn Israel into an ally in the project of attracting foreign investors in Albania.

Despite the short history as a country, Israel is considered as one of the most industrially and economically developed countries in Southwestern Asia. Israel’s economy is considered as the most stable in front of the global crisis. Besides the high technological development, Israel is also a leading country in solar energy.

These are sufficient reasons for Prime Minister Berisha to follow an intensive diplomatic policy with countries such as Norway and Israel, for inviting them to invest in Albania. This objective has been openly declared by Berisha in all his meetings, including that with the Israeli Homologue, Benjamin Netanjahu.

This meeting was held in high security measures, and the Israeli PM Netanyahu guaranteed Berisha that the Israeli government will encourage the private business to invest in Albania, to exploit the favoring climate that the Albanian government has created for businesses.

Berisha presented Albania’s potential in the joint economic forum, and invited the present businessmen to invest in Albania, a country that is still uncovered, and a strategic junction for the relations with the European market.

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