Berisha: Rama’s only way, denying achievements

22/04/2011 15:55

Presenting Ilir Pjetri as the candidate of “Alliance for the Citizen”
coalition for Mayor of Mamurras, Prime Minister Berisha promised to add
investments by five times, from 900 million that were invested in these
four years.

Prime Minister Berisha said that in four years, the poverty has decreased by 6%, according to World Bank indicators. While the families that buy food by delaying the payments in local groceries have decreased from 60,000 in 2005 to 15,000 in 2009.

“Listing our achievements, we do not deny, we do not ignore the problems. There are still poor people in Albania, but this poverty is being reduced, because in the war against poverty we have doubled the low pensions. In the war against poverty, we doubled the economic social assistance. I am here today, in front of you, to promise that in 2012 there will be no more Albanians in extreme poverty”, Berisha said.

As in every electoral meeting, the Prime Minister compared the two alternatives that are being offered to the citizens.

“What did ‘the only way’, or ‘the way of solitude’, offer you in these four years: only shameful and unseen attempts to block the visa liberalization for the Albanians. Our promise was ‘free movement without visa’, while the promise of ‘the way of solitude’ was ‘visas in the ballot boxes’”, Berisha declared.

The Prime Minister invited the citizens to join the alternative of the coalition “Alliance for the Citizen”.

“Mr. Edi Rama offends and insults in every meeting. But I will tell him here, in front of you, that I will not lose my time with his vocabulary in this campaign, because there is no river in the world that can wash away his sins. I will spend my time only with the citizens’ problems, with projects, our commitment and your vision. On May 8th we will vote for each other, for the Democratic Party”, Berisha declared.

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