Berisha in Kruja, in support of Shkëlzen Hoxha

22/04/2011 18:20

Prime Minister Sali Berisha presented the candidate of “Alliance for the Citizen” for Mayor of Kruja, Shkëlzen Hoxha.

He emphasized that the projects of the future Mayor will have the full support of the government.

“Together with Shkëlzen Hoxha, we will implement every project. We will reconstruct the canalizations, the stadium, and the touristic Krujë will remain on top of our efforts. Dear Shkëlzen, the European Krujë deserves the cable car. We will make tourists from all over the world move with the cable car. The touristic Krujë needs that we, together, pave the road towards Qafë Shtama, one of Albania’s most beautiful mountainous areas”, Berisha said.

The head of the Government has accused the opposition leader, Edi Rama, emphasizing that with his “only way” we wants to take all possible governmental posts.

“He is the only politician who wants to become Prime Minister, Mayor of Tirana, party leader, and take every possible governmental seat. This is why he says that he is ‘the only way’”, the Prime Minister emphasized.

Hoxha declared that tourism will be in the center of his projects.

“As your future Mayor, I promise a democratic and transparent government for Krujë. Tourism is in the center of my project. Krujë is a destination much preferred for anyone that comes in Albania. My strategy is development and investments. Employment is one of the biggest challenges of my project”, Hoxha said.

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