Berisha: Fushe Kruja, the New Europe

25/04/2011 18:45

Prime Minister Sali Berisha visited Fushe Kruje, where he announced the
Democratic Party candidate for this Municipality and expressed his
conviction for victory.

“We will turn into success the victory of Bilal Stafuka at Fushe Kruje on May 8th, we will transform it into benevolence for everyone” Berisha declared.

The Prime Minister specified that in the last four years, his government has invested in Fushe Kruje more than 1.1 billion ALL and in the next four years, according to him, will multiple.

“In the four years to come, these investments will multiple. Fushe Kruje will have the most modern infrastructure. It will be a modern entrance to the Albanian Capital. In the four years to come, the government will finance any project of Mr. Stafuka for paving the roads and the alleys and for their illumination”, Berisha stated.

Promising to finance the projects for new schools and for the restoration of the existing ones, the Head of the Government notified that the government has already given the tender for the full repair of the river banks, which will avoid floods.

Emphasizing that in the last four years, the government has built 121 km of roads, 11 aqueducts and 13 schools, Berisha also presented other projects.

“We will build the new outer road ring; we will build the bypass and will start the construction of the Fushe Kruje – Thumane highway. The Infrastructure of Fushe Kruje will be completely European”, Berisha emphasized.

According to the Prime Minister, this is the alternative that the Albanians should vote, not the “alternative of solitude”, which, according to him, has chosen the Opposition’s leader.
“Let him continue his road of solitude, because on May 8th, the Albanians will send him at the big road of solitude”, Berisha added.

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