Berisha: 6 times more investments

25/04/2011 14:30

The Prime Minsiter Sali Berisha launched the third electoral week in Fushë
Arrëz and Puka, promising six times more investments for the next four

Only in Puka, a district that the Prime Minister called as one of most significant territories for mountain tourism, Berisha said that have been invested 22 million USD in roads, aqueducts, schools and other public services. The Prime Minister declared that the Albanians are the real architects of the latest transformations that have taken place in the Albania of the recent years.

“The government has made reforms, but your support has been decisive. Your hard work and sweat have been decisive. In this road there is hard work, dignity, success and future”, Berisha said.

While “the only way” offered by the political opponent, Edi Rama, according to the Prime Minister, has only one meaning.

”All their votes are against your interest, they vote against wage increase, against pension increase, against the road of the nation, against the NATO membership, against any law for the visa lifting, against business amnesty, against energy and water bill pardon. In fact, they have found the right name. Because no way is more alone than the ‘only way’ and there will never be. He is absolutely convinced that by blocking you, he will realize his golden dream, the chair of the Prime Minister”, Berisha said.

The Prime Minister invited the citizens to join the Alliance for the Citizen and abandoning in the house of oblivion, as he said, Edi Rama and his solitary way.

“There is no river that can was his sins, but I will leave that to him, because I will spend my time with you, with your problems, with your trust, with your work. For me, for the Alliance of the citizen, you come first”, Berisha declared.

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