Berat; Coronavirus tests reveal 4 people infected with swine flu

25/02/2020 19:52

4 patients in the Berati hospital have been confirmed as infected with AH1N1 swine flu, while another patient who had come from Skrapar had severe respiratory problems and was urgently transported to the QSUT center in Tirana.

The 4 AH1N1 affected patients have been confirmed after being tested for the new killer coronavirus Covid-19. The infectious physician at the Berat Regional Hospital, Etleva Vila, claims that the situation is within the norms compared to other years, although there have been complicated cases with plumonic problems that have otherwise not been severe.

Vila says that all cases of complications have been treated with specialized medical assistance and after showing signs of improvement have been sent home. The doctor adds that in the epidemiological situation we are in, in fear of the coronavirus, all the viral (mild and complicated) cases have undergone the “virological tests” that have been followed up with examination in Tirana.

Doctor Vila confirms that although a quarantine ward has been set up at the Berat Regional Hospital, its the possibilities are limited for complicated cases. The medical staff take samples sends them to Tirana.

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