Basha: “The May 18th agreement died. Ruci and elections buried it”

12/09/2017 00:00

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, said that the dark balance of
Edi Rama’s first term was followed by the presentation of an empty
program for the next four years.

The Democratic Party leader said that the agreement of May 18th between him and Edi Rama “was killed and buried” by two events:

“The core of the May 18th elections was the free vote, free and fair elections. The June 25th elections marked the death of this agreement. And September 9th buried it definitively. Not only by appointing Gramoz Ruci as Parliament Speaker, but also by buying two votes from the opposition (referring to the hidden votes in favor of Ruci’s appointing as Speaker). This is the clearest example that rather than having a political co-existence with the adversary, you are chosing manipulation”, Basha declared.

According to Basha, the Parliament is still represented by important names of the majority. To clean the country’s bad image, according to him, Rama must at least fire Gramoz Ruci and Fatmor Xhafaj, for their ties to crime. “If you cannot do this, what really changed after June 25th? Nothing. The evil’s roots are deeper”, he added.

Besides this, Basha said that a strong electoral reform could bring a real representation of Albanian citizens in Parliament.

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