Basha responds to Rama’s invitation

07/12/2017 15:57

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, answered to the invitation of Edi Rama for a solution to appoint the new Prosecutor General.

“The only pact our country needs is a pact with the Constitution and the rule of law. The conditions of the EU for Albania are clear: implementing the judiciary reform and the vetting law, fight against drug and crime, fight against corruption, respecting of the human rights”, Basha declared.

The opposition leader said that the DP supports four points without any reserve:

1) establishing the High Council of Prosecution, which would allow the creation of the Special Prosecution Against Corruption, the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecutor General

2) vetting any official and citizen about his ties with the drug traffic: “We support removing the immunity of Saimir Tahiri and investigating him as every common citizen about the ties with the drug traffic. We support the investigation of other officials tied to the crime, such as the Mayors of Durres and Elbasan, and police chiefs. We support the investigation of criminal groups, from the Habilaj to the Balilaj”, Basha said.

3) supporting an investigation against corruptive PPP agreements of the government in the health and other sectors.

4) “We support without reserves the rights of citizens against arbitrary interventions”, Basha said.


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