Basha proposes Priebe Mission in Albania, similar to the one used in Northern Macedonia

15/04/2019 22:46

Two months after renouncing their mandates, the opposition leader, Lulzim Basha, comes with a new proposition that seems as an effort to surpass the political crisis, the same as it happened in Macedonia.

“A more effective monitoring of the Rule of Law reforms of all the countries that want to access the EU can be reached by supporting the positive example of the Priebe Report, which helped overcoming a serious crisis of democracy in 2015. The European Commission has started a new initiative for the Priebe report, to monitor the Rule of Law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I encourage the Commission to initiate such a mission in Albania”, Basha said.

The mechanism that Basha is referring to ahs been implemented four years ago in Macedonia, when the country was involved in a serious political crisis that required the intervention of the international community. A group of experts from the European Commission, led by Reinhard Priebe, drafted a report which noted the issues of the institutions in Macedonia, mainly the judiciary.

Basha is attending a work visit in Slovenia, where he attended the meeting organized by the International Institution of Studies for the Middle East and Balkan. The DP leader spoke not only about the recent developments in the country, but also about the Kosovo-Serbia report, clearly expressing the stance of his party against territorial exchanges.

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