Basha: “January 27th, message against a judiciary captured by politics”

11/01/2018 18:45

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, declared that Albania cannot access the European Union if its judiciary doesn’t punish crime and corruption.

The Democratic Party leader said in Kurbin that the participation in the January 27th protest is the message of Albanians against a justice politically captured by Edi Rama.

“Without having the big fish arrested for their crimes and corruption, there will be no European Union for Albania. Our party was born to make Albania same as all of Europe”, Basha declared.

According to Basha, the Prime Minister is doing everything possible to make the judiciary project fail.

“Panicked by a judiciary freed from political influence, Edi Rama is doing everything possible to abort the judiciary project of Albanians. This is the reason why we will meet on January 27th, to tell Edi Rama that the Democratic Party wants justice. We want Saimir Tahiri in prison, Vangjush Doko in prison, Qazim Sejdini in prison and his corrupted ministers brought to justice”, he said.

Basha asked Democrats to tell Albanians door to door that the government has allied with crime, and that’s the reason why they are poor, why they pay more taxes, why the health-care is worse, and why there are experiments with the education of children, according to Basha.

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