Basha insists with the 3-point plan: 500 engineers, ready to help

03/12/2019 17:26

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, met with Durres residents and said that he has seen the damage with his own eyes, and that his 3-point plan will help resolving the emergency situation.

“The damage can be seen everywhere at the camp. The Manza tents are knee-deep in mud, and there a baby and even 90-year-old senior citizens. There are two schools that were certified as safe buildings, but these families are staying in the mud. There is a long night ahead of us. I have made appeals that no one should still stay in tents. The families of the five apartment buildings that crumbled down complain of selective treatment with the aid”, Basha said.

The DP leader added that he is revolted with the situation in Ishem, Bubq and Neighborhood 7 in Durres, which, according to him, the help-giving process is completely paralyzed.

“We have made a 3-point proposition for anyone who wants to hear. 500 engineers are ready to contribute voluntarily to accelerate the building inspection. The money of oligarchs should go to those who really need them. We are in an emergency”, the opposition leader declared.

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