Basha: “Employment, our no.1 priority”

07/02/2019 20:58

The Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, met with Tirana citizens and said that this is the right time for them to protest on February 16th.

Basha met with owners of call centres and promised them that the DP would facilitate their policies.

In his speech, Basha declared that employment is one of the priorities that his party will implement right after coming to power.

“There will be a 9% flat tax. Tax on profit and social contribution will be equal: employees will pay 9% and employers will pay 9%. We will bring back the threshold for the energy payment. Production companies will have the energy price reduced by 30%-40%. It will be 20% lower for small businesses and consumers.  These are money that are being taken by oligarchs and that are not being returned through investments”, Basha said.

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