Banks get tighter with business loans

15/10/2016 00:00

Banks gave less loans for businesses during the third trimester, due to
the fear of bad loans and of their perception with the economic

The Bank of Albania declared that the loans are tighter especially for big corporations, which hold the main weight of economy. For individuals, Banks have used easier conditions.

After a positive pace in the beginning of the year, credit for economy got worse during summer. Official data from the Bank of Albania say that loans almost entered stagnation, with an insignificant growth of 0.1%, compared to one year ago.

The Bank of Albania notes that the loan standards for business will remain unchanged during the fourth trimester too, while those for individuals will get easier.

Harder loan conditions for enterprises seem to be on of the main reasons for the loan stalemate, since, as reported by the Bank of Albania, business demand for loans has increased.

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