Bank Governor Gent Sejko meets Japanese ambassador to Tirana

13/09/2017 00:00

The Bank of Albania governor, Gent Sejko, welcomed the Ambassador of Japan to Albania, Makoto Ito.

Sejko expressed his appreciation for the excellent relations between both countries and talked about the potentials of economic cooperations in the future, especially as regards trade exchange, information technology and infrastructure.

Sejko updated the ambassador with the positive performance of the economic growth, which is expected to continue in the future as well.

“The monetary policy of the Bank of Albania has helped in this context, increasing the economic growth, financial stability and consumer prices”, he said.

Mutual discussions also focused on the structural reforms in the country, with Governor Sejko underlining that improving them is very important, in order to improve the business climate and attract foreign investments to Albania.

For this, the wide and efficient job market in our country could be used as another important factor to attract them.

The Japanese Ambassador thanked Guvernor Gent Sejko for this meeting and valued the important contribution of the Bank for Albania’s macroeconomic stability. He added that Albania, as a stability factor in the region, contributes to preserve and reinforce its economic and political stability.

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