Balance after earthquake, 6298 buildings inspected

10/12/2019 17:35

The deputy Minister of Interior, Rovena Doda, declared in a press release that the camp where the Manza families were kept, no longer exists as a sheltering structure.

The 103 residents are now accommodated to the mobile residential units. To these residents, the government has provided winter tents, portable beds, food packages and clothes.

The total number of inspected objects in Durres is 6298. In Shijak, 1670 objects were inspected, 424 of which are considered inhabitable, 900 to be demolished.

In Kruja, 921 homes are inhabitable and 45 will be demolished.

46 buildings have been razed down in Durres, and 10 in Kruja, while the process for cleaning the inert materials is under way.

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