“Babale”, witness accused of false testimony left Kosovo, demands asylum in Hungary

10/01/2019 18:29

Albert Veliu, known as “Babale”, or the “Witness X”, who published an audio registration through the Democratic Party, claiming it was the former Interior Minister’s brother talking about drug deals, left the country and demanded asylum after police said the audio was manipulated. Now he has left even Kosovo and is moving to Hungary, to demand political asylum.

The Prosecution has opened a case for investigating what they consider a fake reporting, based on an examination made by specialized institutions. Many people were taken for interrogation, from the Secret Service Director to the then Chief of Serious Crimes, Besim Hajdarmataj.

Hadarmataj said that Babale visited him at his office, telling him that he had important information about a drug traffic situation in Vlora. “For this reason, I requested assistance from the Secret Service”, Hajdarmataj said.

The former Prosecutor General declared that he didn’t file a case in those circumstances, since the person called AGron Hyseni, who had supposedly talked to Babale, had never existed. The voice who has talked to Babale belongs to Fredi Alizoti, who is currently arrested.

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